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Newborn babies have to depend on a special wardrobe since they have to be very comfortable during their early months. If you go to a clothing store for babies or any baby's section of a store, you might find lots of attractive pieces of clothing. However, a lot of these types of clothing might not be necessary at the moment. By buying smart, you can save a lot of money and you won't be too overwhelmed later on. Start simple when it comes to buying newborn baby clothes and understand the various types of newborn baby clothing to look for before moving on to anything else.

Infant Bodysuits

Infant bodysuits look and feel a lot like t-shirts and are normally made of cotton. However, they extend below the waist so the bottom part can snap underneath the diaper. During colder weather, these infant bodysuits can serve as undergarments as well. Onesies is a popular brand for these types of newborn baby clothes so finding them in a store should be easy.


Once it is time to go to bed, pajamas are recommended for maximum comfort. They should be tight fitting so the infant will feel warm even without the need of a blanket. In fact, it is not good to leave a blanket inside the crib as it is quite dangerous. It is also recommended to ask if these pajamas are fire resistant before you buy them. Also consider footed pajamas because newborns have cold feet for the most part.


Footed pajamas can serve as substitutes for socks but you should stock up on some pairs of socks or booties for your newborn just in case.


It is important to have a complete set of newborn baby clothes for the purpose of keeping him or her warm all day and night. Therefore, hats should be part of the wardrobe as well. Since it is possible for hats to fall off, you should make sure they have some strings so you can tie them up under the chin. Like the infant bodysuits, the hats should be made of cotton as well so they are just as comfortable.


All of these newborn baby clothes can end up in the laundry very quickly once your newborn starts drooling or making a mess while you are feeding. This is where the bibs come in because they add another layer that can protect his or her bodysuit or pajamas. Be sure to have a large supply of these bibs because it will be these newborn baby clothes that will end up in the laundry most.

All newborns should be dressed with proper newborn baby clothing. Don't worry too much about design because all of the popular brands should look good enough. It is the baby's comfort that counts. As the months go by, you can shift towards other styles of clothes that will really make your baby stand out.

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Newborn Baby Clothes

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This article was published on 2012/03/14